5 Yoga Exercises For A Happier, Healthier Life

February 16, 2023 2 min read

Doing yoga for just a few minutes a day can boost your mental well-being and lower stress and anxiety. Yoga is a gentler alternative to cardio or weight lifting but can still offer many of the same health benefits. Here are 5 yoga exercises to find a moment of calm.


1. Child's Pose

Start sitting on your knees, your feet behind you. Rest your hips on your feet, and fold your body forward, extending your arms out. Rest your forehead against the floor and settle in. This pose is recommended for a very gentle exercise. You can do this pose in-between sequences to get a soft stretch as you rest. 


2. Thread the Needle

Start lying down on your stomach. Lift one arm up, and extend the opposite arm underneath. Drape the arm over the one beneath it, and feel the twist. This pose is great for the shoulders.


3. Pidgeon

Start on all fours. Your palms are placed underneath your shoulders, arms fully extended. Put one leg all the way back, keeping it straight. Bring your other leg forward, resting it on its side with the knee close to the arm of whichever side leg you use. You can relax here or fold forward for an even deeper leg stretch.


4. Upwards-Facing Dog

Start laying on your stomach, arms at your side. Lift your upper body up with your arms, tilting your head up as well. This makes for a great chest exercise and can also build arm strength.


5. Forward Fold

Start standing. Let your upper body be loose, and allow it to fall forward. You can reach your arms behind your legs for a deeper stretch or allow them to fall as well.


Each of these poses is beginner-friendly. May you enjoy the benefits of yoga.


Written by Trent Quinones for Marker Content.

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