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March 17, 2020 3 min read


JULY 2, 2020

  • Starting today we will be performing temperature checks for all staff & guests. 
  • Please use our curbside pick-up or delivery service if you are feeling sick.

APRIL 28, 2020

Starting Friday May 1st:
  • We will be limiting our in store shopping to 3 guests at a time.
  • Dining in will not be available at this time.
  • All employees and guests must wear a mask while inside our store.
  • We have sanitation stations at all of our entrances.
  • Our employees will continue wearing gloves and shopping for you to limit contact.

APRIL 17, 2020

  • We installed cash register sneeze guards at all three locations to help better protect our team and our guests.

APRIL 15, 2020

  • Some food substitutions could happen due to weakening supply chains. We have seen that certain produce is harder to find, but will do our best to replace with a similar or frozen option.
  • Sneeze guards will be installed by the end of this week to help protect our team and guests.

APRIL 4, 2020

  • All team members are required to wear face cloth coverings as recommended by the CDC

MARCH 30, 2020

  • We now have numbered parking spot signs at each store for contact free curbside pick-up. Simply text your order number or name with the sign number and we will run it out to you.
  • We will place your order in your trunk to maintain social distancing.

MARCH 24, 2020

Zedric's is open and ready to help! We are open but have changed our store hours to best serve you at this important time.

  • Zedric's Colonnade: Sunday through Friday 7am- 7pm; Saturday 10am- 6pm
  • Zedric's Stone Oak & Quarry Crossing: Sunday 10am-7 pm; Monday through Friday 7am- 7pm; Saturday 10am- 6pm
  • Online ordering and subscriptions are available 24/7

MARCH 19, 2020

  • We are no longer accepting cash for your and our teams safety
  • We are no longer able to provide dine-in service at any of our locations

As always, Zedric's number one priority is the safety and well-being of our team, guests, and community.

Rest assured, according to the CDC, the coronavirus is not related to or transmittable via any food products.

But we will continue to review all procedures daily to ensure we continue to stay on the forefront of the best safety practices.

While the coronavirus (COVID-19) is an evolving situation with many unknowns, we are making the following changes to our policies to continue serving everyone.

1. In-Store Shopping

We will limit entry to our stores to 2 guests at a time. Our friendly staff will do all the shopping for you while you relax. We are also requiring our staff to wear gloves while shopping your food and taking payment. We are no longer accepting cash for your and our teams safety.

2. Pickup Orders & Contact-Less Pickup

If you place an online pickup order, you have the best chance of getting the freshest meals, as they are cooked for you.

Using our Concierge (Curb-Side) Text Service, we will bring your food out to your vehicle when you arrive. We are more than happy to place it in your trunk or backseat if you'd like us to, to avoid any unnecessary contact.

See below for more details on this new service we have implemented today.

3. Delivery Orders & Contact-Less Deliveries

We continue to offer our FREE DELIVERY (minimum order $50) for our Online & Subscriptions customers through zedrics.com or subscriptions.zedrics.com

Zedric's delivers to 73 zip codes, including Boerne and New Braunfels.

Our couriers have been instructed to place bags on your doorstep, ring your doorbell, and leave.

We also offer on-demand delivery options through:

4. Zedric's Concierge Service

You may directly TEXT any of our three stores using one of the numbers below.

830-268-0404 - Colonnade Concierge
830-355-3201 - Quarry Concierge
830-433-5086 - Stone Oak Concierge

If you are coming for a pre-paid pickup order, simply text us your name and order #, and we will bring out your order, place it in your vehicle's trunk or backseat, minimizing all contact.

You may also use our Concierge Service to inquire about meals available, and we can assemble your order on-demand, send you an electronic link to pay, text us when you arrive and we will bring you your order, minimizing all contact.

* Please understand that all of our meals might not be available, but we will be more than happy to find you a substitute.

Any Questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at contact@zedrics.com or click the Feedback button on the website anytime if you have any questions.

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