June 07, 2023 2 min read


What is the one thing that most of us do when we get into fitness, especially when focusing on losing weight? We jump on the scale. It might be daily, weekly or bi-weekly, but we all jump on this little contraption that acts like a fortune cookie as it pops up numbers … sometimes being in our favor and often times disappointing with a change in the wrong direction. 

Scales are notorious little liars. Some are more accurate, but many are not. Even when accurate they don’t really tell us the story of what is really going on. 

“You gained 3 pounds since yesterday!” (No you didn’t)

“Since yesterday you lost 5 pounds!” (No you didn’t)

You see the scales report your weight, but they aren’t taking into account what has fluctuated your weight like: salt intake, lack of hydration and sleep, the time of day you get on the scale, the clothes you wore this time, but not last time.

Using a scale has a time and a place, but I would say take it with a grain of salt (no pun intended - or was it? :)

Instead, focus on NSV’s - Non Scale Victories. 

These are more tangible ways to know that things are changing in your body and they involve mental and physical changes. 


  1. Having better sleep.
  2. Not feeling hungry all the time.
  3. More energy throughout the day.
  4. More mental focus at work. 
  5. Clothes fitting better.
  6. Getting stronger in your workouts.
  7. Looking better naked.

We often have the tendency to focus on the main goal (i.e., losing weight or gaining muscle), but we tend to overlook the smaller, yet impactful, changes taking place along the way. 

When we don’t recognize and acknowledge the NSV’s mentioned above, we jump on a scale and see a number that doesn’t always represent all the good that is happening to our bodies. We immediately feel frustrated or worse, defeated, because the number wasn’t what we hoped and we don’t acknowledge all the other good things occurring. 

Change your focus and look at the overall picture because at the end of the day if you were to lose 10 or 20 pounds, yet all of the other items listed above didn’t change, you probably will still feel like you didn’t change a thing. 

Weight is a number. Changes to your energy, strength, mental focus, sleep and more … these are the real deal!

I’m a local Personal Trainer. I work privately with my company, RDMFIT Personal Training as well as a corporate trainer. 

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