The Importance of Strength Training as We Age

March 14, 2023 2 min read

The Importance of Strength Training as We Age
According to the CDC in 2020, 36,000 adults 65 and older died from falls. That same year, over 3 million emergency department visits were made due to falls involving older adults. A variety of reasons can cause falls, but one of the main reasons is lack of strength and stability, specifically in the lower body.No matter your age — you can benefit from strength training.
When we are young, we typically lift weights for aesthetics, but as we age, lifting weights and developing strength becomes a crucial benefit to our well-being. We need to maintain strength, mobility and most importantly, stability. We need to keep our bones and our joints healthy and strength training is our ticket to doing exactly that.
If you are older or have friends or family that are, encourage them to start a training program that develops strength and stability. Want to get started with something simple? Even a simple Chair Rise exercise can help older adults gain strength by developing their thighs and glutes (buttocks).How to perform the Chair Rise:
1. Use a sturdy chair (set back against a wall or couch).
2. Feet placed flat on the ground, knees bent and about shoulder width apart.
3. Breathe slowly and lean forward pressing into your heels and slight forward
4. Breathe out and slowly stand, using your hands as little as possible (cue is “press the floor away with your feet” as you stand).
5. Stand all the way up and hold for 3-4 seconds.
6. Breathe in and slowly sit down, using your hands as little as possible. Don’t “fall” back into the chair, try and maintain control. Breathe out.
7. Repeat 10-15 times, if possible. If not start small and build up as you practice.
Written by: Dennis McMinn with RDM FIT. Learn more at

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