Steak and Egg Scramble

Product Description

We start this dish off with our grilled beef tenderloin, garnish it with our house-made pico de gallo and low-fat American cheese, over a bed of scrambled eggs. 

Small - CALORIES: 200; TOTAL FAT: 8g  CARBS: 1g FIBER: 0g PROTEIN: 30g

Regular - CALORIES: 360; TOTAL FAT: 15g  CARBS: 2g FIBER: 0g PROTEIN: 53g

Large - CALORIES: 590; TOTAL FAT: 23g CARBS: 1g FIBER: 0g PROTEIN: 89g

210-620 Cal

Balanced Gluten-Friendly Keto-Friendly Low-Carb Low-Sodium Paleo-Friendly Soy-Free


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