Flat-Iron Steak w/ Homestyle Sweet Potato Hash

Product Description

This Grilled Flat Iron Steak is Kosher salt and black pepper seasoned, grilled, and then finished with a fresh & spicy chermoula sauce, & served over our famous sweet potato hash.

Small - CALORIES: 280; TOTAL FAT: 12g  CARBS: 15g FIBER: 2g PROTEIN: 27g

Regular - CALORIES: 490; TOTAL FAT: 20g CARBS: 23g FIBER: 4g PROTEIN: 53g

Large - CALORIES: 730; TOTAL FAT: 28g CARBS: 36g FIBER: 6g PROTEIN: 79g

260-710 Cal

Balanced BestSeller Freezable Gluten-Friendly Low-Carb Paleo-Friendly Soy-Free


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