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Convenience fees

Our simple delivery fee promise

We feel that it is best to always be completely transparent with our valued guests.

We offer a simple flat Convenience Fee based on whether you are a Subscription or customer.

Our Convenience Fees were updated on December 22, 2021 to reflect price increases from our delivery vendors.

$13.99 flat delivery fee for Subscription customers

$15.99 flat delivery fee for customers

If these fees are a budget stopper for you, please take advantage of our free pickup or curbside pickup service!

You can learn more about how our Convenience Fee is calculated and compares to HEB, UberEats, etc below.

how much delivery costs us

We live in the same Amazon world you do, and take shipping and delivery charges for granted. But as a small business, we have hard costs to provide delivery.

Our current average cost per delivery is about $21.77, which includes courier fees, ice packs, and insulated bags. We deliver to 109 zip codes in and around San Antonio. 

We are always researching less costly, more effective solutions for ice, bags, and transportation costs.

As of December 22, 2021, these are our pass-through costs to provide delivery:

Cost of Delivery (courier fee) - $15.99
Cost of Bag: $3.60
Ice Packs: $2.18
Total Cost Per Delivery: $21.77 (amount may vary based on delivery distance)


 * Accurate as of December 22, 2021

ProviderService FeesDelivery Fee% FeeTipsSpecial Bag

Min Fee Total
Zedric's$0.00$13.99 or $15.99 flat0%0%Yes!$13.99 or $15.99 flat
PostmatesVaries$2.99Varies and does not disclose10-15%No$17.99
DoorDashVaries$3.9911% of Total SpendOptionalNo$14.99
UberEatsVaries$1.9911% of Total SpendOptionalNo$16.99
FavorVaries$3-6.005-16% of Sub TotalMinimum of $2No$24.00
H-E-BVaries$5.00$.08 per item above shopping in storeOptional but automatically filled out for 8%No$17.95

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