How much food is in each container/size?

We currently have three sizes: 

Small = 12 oz container, 250-350 calories per meal, 4-6 oz of protein (pre-cooked weight)

Regular = 16 oz container, 350-600 calories per meal, 6-8 oz of protein (pre-cooked weight)

Large = 28 oz container, 600-800 calories per meal, 8-10 oz of protein (pre-cooked weight)

How do I prepare my meals?

All of our meals are plated into eco-friendly, BPA Free, reusable, microwavable containers. Specific heating instructions are printed on each meal's label.


Before placing in microwave, pop open one of the corners. Microwave times vary, the time posted are for a 1000w microwave.
Small meal should be microwaved for 1:00min to 1:30min.
Regular meal should be microwaved for 1:30min to 2:00min.
A Large meal should be microwaved for 2:00min to 2:30min.
Heat to an internal temperature of 165F.


Preheat oven to 350F.
Move meal into a oven safe container.
Heat for 8-10 mins to internal temperature of 165F.

Am I cooking my meals in the microwave?

No! All of our meals are prepared fresh and plated into microwavable containers, and then chilled to insure freshness. A microwave is only used to re-heat the meal.

Does re-heating with the Microwave kill nutrients?

No! Here is an Epicurious article which goes into more detail Does Microwaving Your Food Kill All the Nutrients?.

Where can I find Nutritional Information online?

From the Nutrition link at the top of the page, or right here Nutrition Information.

So are you like MyFitFoods or Snap Kitchen?

We're similar, but a few key differences. 

    • We are still in business whereas MyFitFoods is not as of Feb 12, 2017 ;)
    • We cook all of our meals at our in-house Culinary Center from scratch with fresh ingredients.
    • We emphasize flavor! We take a more gourmet approach to our meals, all of our chefs are CIA graduates.
    • We offer meal plans and delivery options for the ultimate in convenience.
    • We are a locally owned San Antonio family business!

How long have we been in business?

We started in 2010 at our location on Northwest Military Drive. We quickly outgrew that location and moved to The Colonnade, where we still are located.

Where did the name Zedric's come from?

The name comes from our illustrious leader Zach's great-grandfather's first name. He owned National Decorator Supply in Indiana for 50 years. Zach always followed him around when he would visit. Zedric also happens to be Zach's middle name.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we do! Learn all about our delivery here.


Are your proteins steroid and hormone free?

None of our proteins have added steroids or hormones!


How does my delivery come packaged?

We deliver your meals in an insulated Zedrics bag packed with ice packs that last up to four hours.

How do I know when my order will be delivered?

You will receive two emails, the first when your order is leaving our store and heading your way for delivery and the second when it has been dropped off at your address.

Too freeze or not to freeze?

Our meals last five to seven days in the refrigerator and you can also freeze them. Check out which meals you can freeze here.