Fit with Flavor Meal Plans

Your meal plan. Simplified.

Having trouble eating healthy at lunch, but want to cook your dinner at home? We've got you covered.
Serious about your diet and want every meal made for you? We've got your back.
Endless flexibility at one convenient price, your meal plan is just a click away.
Can't decide on what to order?  
Let our nutritionists get you started by choosing a variety of FIVE meals for you to enjoy!  
Step 1 - Pick Meal Size
Small - 250-350 calories per meal
Regular - 350-600 calories per meal
Step 2 - Pick Breakfast or Lunch/Dinner
Step 3 - Specify any Dietary Restrictions
Step 4 - Purchase for pickup or delivery
Step 5 - Let our chefs & nutritionists prepare and pick your meals
Step 6 - Enjoy your meals!


Small, 5 days Regular, 5 days