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Looking for the ease and convenience of a Weekly recurring subscription meal plan?

We've got you covered!!

Your dreams have come true. Zedric's is excited to announce our Subscription Meal Service is now open and available to all!

Our Subscription Meal Service enables you to have an improved shopping experience & increase your savings while staying flexible, affordable, & commitment free! 

Have you ever forgotten to place your Zedric's order, or been too busy to visit our retail location for your weekly meals?

Would you like more insight over your daily and weekly macros?

Do you want the BEST discounts that Zedric's has to offer?


Here’s what you can expect from Zedric’s Subscription Service

🥕Never forget to place your order again!
🥕Create a weekly meal plan tailored just for you.
🥕 Enjoy our new & easy online shopping experience.
🥕 Easily choose & change your meals weekly.
🥕 Customize your subscription to fit your dietary preferences.
🥕 Receive the very best discounts we offer. The more you buy... the more you save.
🥕 With no commitments you can change meals, skip weeks, or cancel easily.
🥕 Free in-store pickup or pay a small convenience fee for delivery.
🥕 Easily manage multiple subscriptions, for you and your family.
🥕 You can manage your subscription from any mobile device or computer.

Meal Sizes


12 oz container,
250-350 calories per meal,
4-6 oz of protein


16 oz container,
350-600 calories per meal,
6-8 oz of protein


Classic 5 Meals

Your choice of 5 breakfast meals 
Your choice of 5 lunch/dinner meals

Complete Meal Plan: 3 Meals & 2 Snacks / Day

3 or 5 Day Options

Go completely worry-free and choose the complete plan that includes your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus 2 snacks per day.

Classic 5 Day

Your choice of 10 lunch/dinner meals.

Core Meal Plan: 3 Meals / Day

3 or 5 Day Options

You get breakfast, lunch and dinner for 3 or 5 days.


We price our meal plans by the meals you choose, and provide a quantity discount based on the number of items in your plan.

The more you buy, the more you save!

Since we price based on the meals you pick, you can pick meals which meet your budget and dietary preferences. (Prices/week listed below vary depending on what meals you select, your dietary preference/modifiers and any additional products you add)

A typical Small Classic 5 Breakfast plan will run anywhere from $27 - $45/week after quantity discounts (Pick any combo of 5 breakfasts)
A typical Small Classic 5 Meal plan will run $34 - $53/week after quantity discounts (Pick any combo of 5 entrees)
A typical Small Core 3 Day plan will run $58 - $90/week after quantity discounts (1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner per day for 3 days)
A typical Small Core 5 Day plan will run $90 - $140/week after quantity discounts (1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner per day for 5 days)
A typical Small Complete 3 Day plan will run $61 - $116/week after quantity discounts (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 2 snacks per day for 3 days)
A typical Small Complete 5 Day plan will run $103 - $189/week after quantity discounts (1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 1 dinner and 2 snacks per day for 5 days)

Regardless of plan, in-store pickups are always FREE.

Learn more about Delivery options here.



Not picky about the healthy meal you get from us? Select Balanced.

Paleo Friendly

Mostly paleo, some items may have cheese


Small Meals < 15g carbohydrates
Regular Meals < 20g carbohydrates


If you check Gluten-Friendly, we will only include meals which are gluten-friendly.


When you create a new subscription, you will see Days if you picked a 3 or 5 day meal plan.

Your meal plan will have all of the Meal Slots pre-populated with a meal. If you wish to change the meal, just click on the View/Change button to pick a new meal.

If you ALWAYS want to get the same meal, click the Lock icon and it will be locked week after week.


You may also add additional items, called Add-Ons, to your subscription. Add-Ons may be anything from our entire menu. Feel free to add soups, snacks, salads, or even drinks!

All Add-Ons may be one of two types: One-Time and Recurring.

One-Time Add-Ons you only receive for the current week, then they are removed automatically.

Recurring Add-Ons will appear on your order week after week, until you remove them.

Any Add-ons added to your subscription qualify for our quantity pricing discount!

Skipping & canceling

We know sometimes a scheduled delivery of our great meals is not needed for a week. No worries!

You may skip your order anytime before your order cutoff by clicking on the Skip Order button on your dashboard. 

You can also cancel your subscription at any time before your order cutoff by clicking on the Cancel Subscription button on your dashboard.


We deliver your meals in insulated Zedric's bags with ice packs that will keep your food cold until they arrive at your home or office.

Please make sure to have someone available to immediately put your Zedric's meals into the refrigerator.

Have a Question About our Subscription Service?

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