Citrus Turkey Over Brown Rice

Product Description

Our newest Culinary Center creation starts with sautéed lean ground turkey, yellow onions and garlic. Finished with fresh parsley, lemon juice and zest, served over steamed brown rice and blanched broccolini. 

Small - CALORIES: 170; TOTAL FAT: 2g (0.5g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 31g PROTEIN: 9g

Regular - CALORIES: 260; TOTAL FAT: 2.5g (1g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 45g PROTEIN: 14g

Large - CALORIES: 650; TOTAL FAT: 3.5g (6g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 56g PROTEIN: 68g

248-647 Cal

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