Complete 3 Day

Product Description

Can't decide on what to order?  

Let our nutritionists get you started by choosing a variety of Three Days of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with Two Snacks for you to enjoy.

This is a 3 DAY Meal Plan - just choose your meal size and indicate any dietary restrictions you have below.

With this meal plan you will receive 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners each - for a total of 9 meals. You will also receive 6 snacks (approximately 100-250 calories per snack).


 Meal Size Container Size Calories per Meal Protein per Meal (pre-cooked weight) Calories per Day
Small 12 oz 250-350 4-6 oz 1000-1400
Regular 16 oz
6-8 oz 1400-1800
Large 28 oz
8-10 oz 1800-2200


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