Grilled Chicken Over Brussel Sprout Succotash

Product Description

This low-fat, paleo, & vegetable packed dish is sure to hit the spot.  We start off with our signature citrus marinated grilled 8oz chicken breast, and serve it with a delicious oven roasted brussel succotash that consists of sweet corn, red bell peppers, and bacon.  We finish the dish with our house-made chermoula sauce.

Regular - CALORIES: 320; TOTAL FAT: 6g (0g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 9g PROTEIN: 54g

Large - CALORIES: 580; TOTAL FAT: 8g (0.5g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 38g PROTEIN: 90g

367-585 Cal

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