Seared Chicken Over Red Potato and Wax Bean Sauté

Product Description

Are you ready to Fiesta? Your mouth will be when you try this zesty dish! The seared chicken rests on a sautéed bed of red potatoes and wax beans; seasoned just right with garlic, turmeric, and parsley. Our red pepper and caper relish adds just the right amount of zest to finish this dish.

Small - CALORIES: 230; TOTAL FAT: 6g (0g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 18g PROTEIN: 25g

Regular - CALORIES: 410; TOTAL FAT: 10g (0g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 30g PROTEIN: 49g

Large- CALORIES: 470; TOTAL FAT: 10g (0.5g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 41g PROTEIN: 51g

228-468 Cal

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