Grilled Flat-Iron steak over Buttered Green Beans and Red Pepper Relish

Product Description

We serve our char broiled Flat-Iron steak over freshly steamed and buttered Texas green beans and sweet cherry tomatoes. Topped with a fire roasted red pepper and caper relish!

Small - CALORIES: 230; TOTAL FAT: 9g CARBS: 9g FIBER: 3g PROTEIN: 27g

Regular - CALORIES: 420; TOTAL FAT: 16g CARBS: 13g FIBER: 5g PROTEIN: 54g

Large - CALORIES: 610; TOTAL FAT: 24g CARBS: 18gFIBER: 7g PROTEIN: 80g

230-610 Cal

Balanced Featured FWF Eligible Gluten-Friendly Low-Carb Paleo-Friendly Premium Soy-Free