Malaysian Beef Tenderloin & Broccoli

Product Description

Our healthy take on a classic favorite takeout!  We pair up lean beef tenderloin with our delicious sauce made with Sambal Olek, Hoisin, rice wine vinegar and a mountain of veggies.  Then sprinkle some cashews in for added texture.

Small - CALORIES: 260; TOTAL FAT: 6g (2g Saturated, 1gTrans) CARBS: 26g PROTEIN: 26g

Regular - CALORIES: 470; TOTAL FAT: 11g (3.5g Saturated, 1.5gTrans) CARBS: 46g PROTEIN: 46g

Large - CALORIES: 610; TOTAL FAT: 15g (5g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 65g PROTEIN: 53g

260-607 Cal