Mediterranean Chicken Over Quinoa Pilaf

Product Description

We start this dish off with our all natural chopped chicken breast marinated in lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, Greek oregano and thyme. We sear it to perfection and serve it over organic quinoa pilaf with sweet red onions, Texas grown mushrooms and scallions. Served with steamed broccoli, Greek feta cheese and Italian sun-dried tomatoes!

Small — CALORIES: 250; TOTAL FAT: 10g CARBS: 20g FIBER: 5g PROTEIN: 21g

Regular — CALORIES: 350; TOTAL FAT: 13g CARBS: 28g FIBER: 5g PROTEIN: 32g

Large — CALORIES: 520; TOTAL FAT: 20g CARBS: 36g FIBER: 7g PROTEIN: 50g

260-520 Cal

Balanced Gluten-Friendly New Soy-Free


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