Organic Protein Pancakes w/ Egg Scramble

Product Description

These delicious, healthy pancakes are made with sweet potatoes, cottage cheese, quick oats, eggs, and are served with a side of eggs to add extra protein.  We garnish with maple syrup and pecans to add some extra sweetness and texture to this dish.  

Small - CALORIES: 240; TOTAL FAT: 9g (2g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 27g PROTEIN: 14g

Regular - CALORIES: 430; TOTAL FAT: 14g (4g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 38g PROTEIN: 33g

Large - CALORIES: 570; TOTAL FAT: 18g (6g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 50g PROTEIN: 47g

245-566 Cal

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