Oven Roasted Chicken Hash

Product Description

We are excited to bring back one of our original dishes with a Chef Daniel twist!  We start it off by slow roasting chicken breasts which are then pulled and sauteed with sweet potatoes, poblanos, corn, onions, and slow oven roasted tomatoes.

Small - CALORIES: 300; TOTAL FAT: 5g (0g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 39g PROTEIN: 25g

Regular - CALORIES: 450; TOTAL FAT: 8g (0g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 59g PROTEIN: 38g

Large - CALORIES: 600; TOTAL FAT: 11g (0.5g Saturated, 0gTrans) CARBS: 78g PROTEIN: 50g 

298-596 Cal

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