Sweet & Sour Chicken Bowl

Product Description

We start this dish off by marinating and stir-frying pieces of all natural chicken breast, sweet red bell peppers and yellow onions in our house made sesame ginger lime dressing and serve it over steamed white rice with sweet peas, carrots, and steamed broccoli! This is a great, balanced meal that is full of flavor, low in calories.

Small - CALORIES: 350; TOTAL FAT: 17g CARBS: 34g FIBER: 4g PROTEIN: 18g

Regular - CALORIES: 510; TOTAL FAT: 49g CARBS: 38g FIBER: 6g PROTEIN: 26g

Large -  CALORIES:720; TOTAL FAT: 63g CARBS: 38g FIBER: 8g PROTEIN: 40g

350-720 Cal

Balanced Gluten-Friendly


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