Texas Tea — Pecos Cantaloupe White Tea

Product Description

Pecos Cantaloupe White Tea

PECOS COUNTY, known for some of the sweetest and best cantaloupes in the world, became the new home for the Pecos Cantaloupe after farmers moved to Coyanosa from Pecos due to increasingly high farming expenses.  The county is also home to the Pecos River and the legendary Pecos Bill, who was travelling in a covered wagon as an infant when he fell out unnoticed by the rest of his family near the Pecos River.  He was taken in and raised by a pack of coyotes.  In a Pecos Bill story, he shoots all the stars from the sky except for one which becomes the Lone Star!

Ingredients: Brewed Organic White Tea (Water+ Tea), Pure Cane Sugar, Pecos Cantaloupe Puree, Natural Cantaloupe Flavoring, Honey and Citric Acid.

60 Cal

Balanced Featured FWF Eligible Gluten-Friendly Low-Sodium Paleo-Friendly Soy-Free Vegetarian