How It Works

At Zedric's, our goal is to make eating right EASIER! We take the freshest ingredients and create chef-crafted dishes using food-based nutrition designed to taste amazing and keep you moving.

One thing all of our clients have in common is they're short on time. To combat this (we told you it was a revolution), we've got multiple options!

Come visit us in-store, place an order online for pick-up or delivery, or subscribe and save.

Why Visit Us?

Whether you're popping in on your way to work ready to stock the fridge with lunches for the week, refilling your desk's snack drawer, or grabbing dinners for a busy week—we LOVE to see you!

Pick up a basket, fill it up, and cash out with a friendly team member for a grab-and-go experience. 

Check out all our new products! Chef Zach and the team are constantly scouring the interwebs for new, clean products to try in-store!

At Zedric's, our staff is friendly and helpful because they're part of the fam!

Why Order Online?

Because it's EASY! We order online because it's easy, and life is hard! 

Ordering online is also versatile. Want to swing in and grab your brown bag chock full of delicious flavors on the way home from school drop-off? YOU CAN!

Want to have it delivered to your home so you can cross it off your list? You can do that too!

With Zedric's, we want you to feel like you're pressing the easy button. (And the delicious button. And the healthy button. It's a remote. You have a Zedric's remote.)

Why Subscribe?

Subscribing allows you to place an order that will basically run itself. Choose your favorites and let it ride. 

Are you the type of person who can't have the same things every week? Don't sweat it! We'll send you an email when it's time to change things up and you can swap out your meal and snacks with a few simple clicks. 

(Psst...we say subscribe and save for a reason! With Zedric's Subscriptions, you can save time AND MONEY by ordering your favorites! 

Our Favs (And Yours, too!)

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