About Us

At Zedric's we're obsessed (yes, obsessed) with bringing delicious, healthy food to the masses. We don't want you ever to have to make a choice between your (or your family's) health and convenience.

Our healthy, chef-prepared meals are ready to eat when you are and perfect for planners, preppers, and anyone looking for a healthy meal on the go!

Trust us, if you're going to join a revolution, you want to join one that tastes good! 

Meet Chef Zach Lutton

He's not a regular Chef, he's a cool Chef...

In fact, Chef Zach was almost Dr. Zach. Chef Zach Lutton comes from a family of doctors but developed a love for all things culinary at an early age. Zach attended university intending to be "an attending" and keep with family tradition, but he just couldn't shake his passion for exotic cuisine. Instead, between classes and studying, Zach began taking odd jobs in various kitchens. It only took a few more semesters until Zach decided it was time to swap one white coat for another, graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY in 2006. Chef Zach then headed back to San Antonio.

The rest is Zedric's History...

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