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I love this combination of flavors. The noodles perfectly compliment the salmon. I include this on all my orders.

A must try!

One of the best I’ve had. It’s a must try!


Delicious meal! Full of flavor with delicious ingredients and just the right ratio of protein to noodles and veggies. I wish I had another one to eat again this week. New favorite! Love, love, love!!! Please don't stop making this.

Bacon Ranch Chicken
Gregory Neal
One of my favorites

I order this dish every week. Tender chicken with bacon and mozzarella is so flavorful. The zucchini is so tasty. I highly recommend this entree.

Balanced meal!

My kids love this one!

The best!

This one is extra tasteful, love that there is just enough pasta and veggies added to it!

Beef Taco Skillet
Shelley Pfister
Taco night!

The whole family eats this one. I love it as is for my husband and I but my kids make taco night out if it!

Grilled Salmon
Shelley Pfister
Healthy & Delicious!

A favorite meal in the rotation, very light and fresh!

1/2 lb. Green Chile Chicken
Shelley Pfister
My favorite!

This is all ways so tasty and I look forward to it each week!

Brisket Hash
Vicki Sparks
Breakfast or supper

This is a very tasty blend of veggies and protein. Perfect to get the day started or later in the day. I’ve had it for my evening meal, too.

Bacon Ranch Chicken
Beth Gentry
Loved it!

One of my favorites in this weeks haul.

Salad component

Good for adding to lunch salads.

Smoked Brisket Plate
Beth Gentry

This was very good - all components were very tasty.

One of my Go To's!

Great dish!!! Yummy

Great Flavor!

The Flavor adds a lot to this dish!

You wont believe it's not chicken!


Delicious Juice

Great taste!

Salisbury Steak
Eddie M

I didnt expect it to taste this delicious, i will definitely order this one again


Meh, it was ok

Buffalo Chicken Wraps
Top Tier, but Lettuce Talk About the Big Problem

Chickens seasoned perfectly. Big fan of blue cheese addition and the slaw. But yes, the lettuce.

They're certainly big enough (size of a hand, roll em hot dog style), and there's plenty of them (Can't think i've gotten less than 3), but boy do they wilt faster than the date of expiration. Sometimes I will get 2 out of 3 that are useable, sometimes 1. On one occasion, I had 0, but that was a week after purchase, 4 days before expiration.

Very healthy, doesn't need to be heated up, tastes delicious, just need to figure out lettuce issue.

One of the best, is hit or miss

As mentioned, definitely one of the best items in my opinions. However, sometimes the quality of the chicken can differ. Sometimes, it lacks a lot of color & is rather tough/chewy. Other times each piece is beautifully colored, seasoned, and tears apart quite easily.


Definitely most popular item on menu. Many times regular size will be sold out.

My recommendation for everyone buying. Add some hot sauce to really take it up a notch

One of the best

One of my favorites

Beef Taco Skillet
Margaret Salazar
Too much onion

I like the taste, but had way too much onion . Please cut back on the onion.


First time I bought this was very tasty the second time was really dry. And was missing the glaze.