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A #1 choice

I enjoy this as I go about my day


My favorite meal from this place!!

Great dish!

The chicken is cooked and seasoned VERY well. I usually get the regular portion size and it fills me up everytime, sometimes I even have left overs!

Please don’t discontinue.. ever.

Zedrics has taken away two of my favorite meals and I just hope they never take away this one. It keeps me coming back. Good taste & flavor with a hint of spice.


The flavor is great! It's perfect if your in the mood for chili but not wanting any heavy or fatty meats. Perfect cold weather food as well!


These cookies are a great snack!

Breakfast Ready!

I really like to eat these for breakfast with a boiled egg! They are healthy and delicious!

Tender Tender Tender

This chicken is so tasty and tender! I highly recommend this one. I keep buying this one over and over!

My favorite!

This is, hands down, my absolute favorite!

It’s yummy!

Curbs my Chinese food cravings!


One of my favorites!

Yummy Tuna

I will order this again. The seasonings were just right and the amount was good.


The squash is surprisingly good


This is how you eat protein while being mindful of your health


One of my repeat orders!

These bars are one of the best in terms of not adding sugar or other ingredients that defeat the purpose of eating a protein bar. Birthday cake is A+

Above Average

Like the other person said, it's pretty good for a meal prep dish, but it really is 95% rice and chicken. Not much of the other stuff

Pumpkin Muffin

LOVED THIS! Really delicious, and the snickerdoodle topping was beyond yummy! My #2 favorite dessert (after the peanut butter chews).

Gogi Pistachio Bar

This was tasty, very similar in texture to the RX Bars my daughter’s pediatrician recommends. Slight fruity sweet but I especially love the nuts! Can’t beat this clean, convenient snack option!

Turkey Chili Mac

Added a little bit of sea salt and it tasted fabulous! My 12-year old who isn’t not very picky is definitely opinionated, stated it was “really good!” Definitely going to be a repeat purchase for us.


Very tasty, especially the slightly spicy dressing, but I kind of wish they offered a sesame seed encrusted version for a little contrast in texture