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One of my favorites

This one is one of my favorite dishes very tasty and satisfying highly recommended

Dirty Rice
Cynthia Escobar
First timer

I had this meal and it was very satisfying I enjoyed the portion and the taste. I would definitely get this again


I love the flavors and textures of this dish.I will order it gain.

Greek Chicken Bowl
Lori Gonzales

Ok y’all, this is a must try and is probably one of my new favorites!! The tzatziki sauce was wonderful. I will definitely order this again.


This dish was so good and very filling. I’m not a huge fish person but am trying to include it more in my diet. This was a great addition.

Good but Pricey

This definitely tastes different but not in a bad way. Its tastes rich without tasting overly sweet and does so without the calories or excess carbs from a traditional doughnut. In truth I do believe it's price is on the higher end when you consider what it is. I think this is meant for someone who has a hard time shaking a sweet tooth while on a diet but wants something that fits those parameters of being vegetarian, gluten-free AND low in carb. There aren't a large amount of snacks like this on the market so just be ready to pay the premium for it. Personally this is a $3.50 snack but thats my honest opinion.

Dry salmon

Disappointed as Coho salmon was dry with poor seasoning

Salisbury Steak
John Rowse
Surprisingly Delicious

This was the first meal I ever tried from Zedrics. I got the large to share with my wife. The meat was tender and flavorful and paired great with the fresh mashed potatoes and crisp green beans. We were so happy with this meal that I ordered over $100 worth of healthy meals for the following week.

Spicy Orange Chicken Over Jasmine Rice
Thumbs Up!

Loved it, but a little more spice would make me even happier.
Thank you!!

Pretty good

This was pretty good. Pancakes a little tough but I added honey and walnuts and made it a tad better. Eggs were good, added siracha to spice it up and add flavor.


Definitely delicious and filled me up! Thoroughly enjoyed this


Hmmm not my fave for sure. I think the cauliflower mash was not for me. The veggies were okay, had to add salt but that’s my own personal preference

Chicken Pad Thai
Claudia Becker
Pretty good

This was pretty good! Would order again. Not as good as my fave Thai restaurant but close enough

Beef and me don’t mix

I’m sure this is great for other ppl but I’m not a fan of beef in general other than burger style, but decided to try it given all the other reviews. I gave it to my friend instead and she seemed to like it.

Salisbury Steak
Kenneth James
Sleeper Meal

This is not your frozen dinner from the microwave Salisbury steak. This meal is flavorful with just the right amount of everything.


This was a first for me and it was real good. Will get this one again.

Good breakfast

so good and very filling


Great tasting and fits my calorie plan very nicely. Thank you!!

Seared Beef Tips
patricia hudson

Awesome my fav

No cheese...

I had this today and it didn't have cheese. It was still good but of course would have been better with the cheese. Next time I'll double check!

Flavorful Dish

This is my favorite dish so far. Full of flavor and carbs were lower than I thought they'd be.

Chicken Pad Thai
Brandon Tenorio
Pleasantly surprised

To be honest I was weary of getting this meal, as I usually get others for the week instead of throwing this dish in. However, I was so pleased with the taste of this meal and the added lime was the pièce de résistance!

Beef Taco Skillet
Maria Hernandez

So good….especially with a small serving of chips.

Good but small portion

Good dish…but even for small the portion of fish is too small.