Homemade Turkey Chorizo Over Brown Rice

Product Description

We pair up our house made turkey chorizo with our zesty cilantro brown rice served with a garnish of American Cheese & minced yellow onions to give your taste buds a kickstart to conquer the day!

Small - CALORIES: 240; TOTAL FAT: 8g (3.5g Saturated, 0g Trans) CARBS: 19g PROTEIN: 23g

Regular - CALORIES: 440; TOTAL FAT: 14g (6g Saturated, 0g Trans) CARBS: 31g PROTEIN: 44g

Large - CALORIES: 590; TOTAL FAT: 17g (8g Saturated, 0g Trans) CARBS: 59g PROTEIN: 47g

245-586 Cal

Balanced Freezable Gluten-Free Gluten-Friendly Soy-Free


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