You Pick the Plan, We Pick the Meals - our Top Selling offering!

Small = 12 oz container, 250-350 calories per meal, 4-6 oz of protein (pre-cooked weight)

Regular = 16 oz container, 350-600 calories per meal, 6-8 oz of protein (pre-cooked weight)

Large = 28 oz container, 600-800 calories per meal, 8-10 oz of protein (pre-cooked weight)

Classic Meal Plan = 5 Meals (Breakfast or Lunch & Dinner)

Complete Meal Plan = 3 or 5 Day Options, 3 Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) with 2 Snacks per Day

All offerings can be specified as No Seafood, Gluten-Free Only, Paleo Only, Low Carb, or Balanced (Can include Veggies, Protein, Whole Grains, or Seafood).


No Seafood = All meals have no shellfish or seafood.
Gluten-Free Only = All ingredients in meals are considered gluten-free.
Paleo Only = All meals consist chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food.
Low Carb = All small/regular meals have no more than 15g of Carbohydrates, large meals have no more than 20g of Carbohydrates.
Balanced = Meals can include veggies, protein, whole grains, or seafood.

Fit With Flavor Plan

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5 Meals - Small

Fit with Flavor

From $ 30.00
5 Meals - Regular

Fit with Flavor

From $ 35.00
5 Meals - Large

Fit with Flavor

From $ 40.00
Complete 3 Day

Fit with Flavor

From $ 80.00
Complete 5 Day

Fit with Flavor

From $ 135.00